OK so Write the Book for God’s Sake, and Shut Up

Tue, Aug 6, 2013

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8/6/2013, 9:37 AM

Just watching  a playback of Dane Cook on The View (on the pc). I have already experienced two Dane Cook interviews (one audio  with Mark Maron on PBS radio, now this one video) but have no idea what his comedy is like. He evidently is one of a very few who have sold out Madison Square Garden. So I think I would like to see some Dane Cook. Not live or anything. Just to see what’s funny.

I think I am pretty funny sometimes but that’s for another  post, another time.

I think it must be impossible to experience everyone else once, and know who they are. You can know some of the people all the time, and some of the people some of the time, but never all the people, not even some of the time (just butchering a little Lincoln here).  So you make a new friend and they say they gotta turn you on to so-&-so or such-&-such, of whom or what you tell them you’ve never heard. And at once you have a new obligation. It used to be novelty was exciting and refreshing, but I guess once we replace  the joys of experiencing new things, I mean once we fill our hours with responsibilities and we have so few hours for new things, the glint ceases to fill our eyes when the new things threaten to diminish those hours. We really want the new experience, but we know it probably won’t augment the quality of our life.

Cuz if I were to write down what I do with those precious few hours, the sad news is that my activities rarely do justice to the value of the time.

That’s where I am currently stuck in neutral. So…

Where did I write this before? That when I was coming of age I had outlined that the substance of my life, my legacy, if you will, would consist mainly of becoming a thoroughbred jockey and then writing about it. Cuz if I didn’t actually write that down I did tell myself that would be my life. So to get down to brass tacks in an effort to complete this life, or at least in an attempt to settle my restless conscience, the only thing left to do is write the book. I should spend at least a decent portion of my free hours doing just that. Instead of watching tv on my pc.

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