The Pale King

Thu, Apr 25, 2013

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The latest book I have read is by David Foster Wallace, called the Pale King. I cannot say why I enjoy reading Wallace so much. I would not have read this if I had had to use my eyes; what I mean is, it is yet another of the audiobooks I’ve been reading since I began working full time as a janitor at OGHS (Oak Glen High School).

there are many other things I would like to be doing; studying wild animals in a remote area of wilderness, studying Native American culture(s), studying, studying, studying; being a professional student, obviously. Reminds me I was listening to an NPR interview with David Sedaris (I’ve read all his books via audiobook, BTW) and he says what he does when at home (in UK now) is pick up all the trash that the yanks throw out their car windows (and blah blah everyone thinks he is a demented old man because he wears dirty clothes and talks to himself, THAT because he happens to enjoy studying the Pimsleur Language series so he’s always muttering in language nobody can understand). But mu point anyway is I think I was thrown to observe and participate, and I think for the most part that all that’s required for each person to be both fulfilled and respected; the rest is complications related to the size of a civilization. 

Because the words in my head say as much as I could & should be doing something that reflects my level of education….

I could enjoy doing something else more based on the culture I’d be surrounded by. I’m not crazy about the culture here in the N. P. of West Virginia, which is basically backward and unconscious and in my opinion the very reason people have so little energy to overcome it (of course being that it is really only a slightly darker shade of the general unconscious backwardness of the entire state of humanity, and some day I know I need to say what I mean by this, its no surprise that it’s only a slightly greater energy sucker than anywhere else). But a culture at least nominally, or verbally, more aware or enlightened, would do much to increase my own flagging energy. I mean if I had people around me who are simply aware that this is it and it doesn’t get any better and every moment, believe it or not IS sacred – no I’m still not getting there……

The point is I mainly spend my time reading while janitoring to be immersed in the environment I would otherwsies have to go somewhere else for. So it’s what keeps me janitoring. Janitoring into my salary with benefits and perks and a little retirement.

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