Note to Self…

Fri, Apr 20, 2012


I actually have news for the far turn news blog, but it’s been so long since I wrote on it, I know nobody would read it. Come to think of it, nobody ever did up to this point anyway, but never mind! The good news is; I have a sense that all of my attempts to use the internet to make money might actually be paying off, though not in a way that I presumed they would.

Instead of creating money, I’m creating value. the “marketing” I’m doing now doesn’t threaten to compromise my personal integrity. I finally stopped believing that I had to have money before I could do the things I really cared about. Now that I’ve spent myself into poverty trying to do things that way, all I have left is doing things I care about.

I could have told you – or you could have told me, that you have to follow your heart and the money will follow; we all know that. But I honestly thought I couldn’t follow my heart without money (or security – the value that money translates to me) and unconsciously operated in thrall to that belief.

Most of us operate this way even though we already know the wisdom- already know that “you can only do well what you love”. We’ve all experienced how physically and emotionally taxing it is to strive to “get ahead” in the hope of being free one day.

I honestly and completely let go of surplus money as a priority, and just began an honest, intuitive search for what I really want. It hasn’t always been comfortable or easy, but it HAS been simple and cathartic. I’ve unloaded tons of anger, and with it the load of pain that it cost myself and others. The greatest gift of all is the energy; the energy and passion to do what I would have done if I had the money if finally free of the money part of the equation.

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