UGH! An Impulse Purchase – But Hopefully Not a Bad One

Thu, Nov 1, 2012


I realize this is a totally random post, but for my own benefit, I have to record this event; that is, the first impulse purchase I have made since I got the janitor job.

It’s not funny, and I’m not making a joke. Except for money I have given to Charles – to pay half the bills, to feed his gas-guzzler, or to pick up groceries for me and keep the change, thank you –  I have been cautious about how I  use my paycheck. I want to create a budget,  but so far I’ve learned that until I see where the money went, it’s pretty difficult to brainstorm what my needs are just sitting on the couch imagining what it would be like to actually HAVE a budget or be able to project my future needs.

A couple of days ago I was reading an ad from Tiger Direct, which is where I buy a lot of my computer stuff (or lately, been reviewing my computer stuff, then heading off to ebay to see if I can get it cheaper). Among the peripheral goodies I noticed a mouse-sized scanner from LG that comes complete with OCR.

A eureka moment; finally, the scanner I’d never realized I had dreamed about for so long appeared. It’s a mouse with a scanner inside it!  You swipe the durn thing across anything on your desk – a photo, a letter, a copy of your traffic ticket, and your rendering is delivered in an image or text editor! You can crop it; adjust the color, contrast and brightness; edit the text; rotate it by degrees, and plop it into a Word or Excel file. So I’m thinking what I can do now is scan every single lousy receipt I would otherwise toss before I got to analyzing the content to track my expenses. I can save everything  in a text editor, and using the desktop search I can scan for repeated purchases: rice, spaghetti, broom, laundry soap. Once I have all that calculated, I can finally determine patterns from which to develop a more efficient money strategy.

Actually I should not say that my impulses have been limited; Dollar General is the mother of all impulse purchase stimulators for small-thinking people like me. We think that because it’s a “Dollar Store, where everything is cheap” that means you can buy more stuff and still keep your dough. Doesn’t matter how high an IQ one has; if one thinks like a poor person, one can never get beyond living out of one’s pockets.

I call it God’s punishment for not applying oneself. So where the impulse was in this purchase for me was in impulsively seeing all my problems as solved, but at least for  now, two days later, as the ‘product’ has arrived, I haven’t lost my enthusiasm yet.

The Software comes with a little video, so I’m gonna post it here as a visual aid. I’m not trying to make a commercial or sell you on this thing; I’m just telling you what I’ve been up to.


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