A Paranormal Moment!!

Wed, Apr 25, 2012


I have something eventful to say: Myles Neff returned, briefly, in a very strange way. It amazed me. It must mean 1) “you asked for it” and 2) “I expected you to get this community going, and you have, so don’t quit now.”

It wasn’t a true visit (I mean probably not) but it seemed like it for a minute…

I obtained a new autoresponder (tell you about that some day soon here – in fact I’ll tell you all about autoresponders) and set up my contact form on the home page.

It worked perfectly except for one thing; when I clicked the “submit” button, the HEADER on the “welcome” page, which is a new page the reader is shown to say thanks for signing up to my newsletter (which is just posts from the blog) it said “Goodbye Myles; but if you can visit please do”.

That header was from the last time I wrote a post – about a year ago! And the title of that post; “Goodbye Myles, etc., is sitting on my signup welcome page. Here’s what I mean:

Image with wrong header....

After half a dozen attempts to try to get the correct header, I could only get so far as to change the header by writing a new post. Then the header of the new post was on the welcome page instead of the Myles post. So it’s probably not Myles obliging me, but a bug in the WP code or¬†the Lizzy system. Here’s what I mean about that:

page with wrong header no. 2


Go ahead and try it! You’ll be ¬†member of my site, and you’ll get to see firsthand what I am referring to.

But it had me going for two hours! Which, by the way, is the source of a lot of unproductivity on my part; because once I get past all the little bugs (theirs AND mine) I’m fed up with sitting in front of the computer screen and ready to go do something else.

now this is one crappy, boring post, but it was on my mind, so you’ll just have to wait for the next one which won’t be today because I have to work this a.m. galloping and this afternoon at Burkle Turf Supply.



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